Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Still in Punta

We're all still here, the rest of the ANI staff and myself making a valiant effort to eat all the steaks and drink all the beer in Punta.

Had a briefing today from the Ilyushin safety officer which was pretty interesting, once they've set out no ANI flight has ever had to turn back from the Antarctic, not one. Guess that's why departure delays are so common, burning through 72 tons of fuel and getting nowhere would get a bit hard on the wallet. The advance team is still beavering away in the blizzard and getting more of the main structures of the camp built, by the time we get there there'll be nothing left to do.

Getting a bit bored with waiting now, ah well it's a beautiful day here and the staff training barrel has been thoroughly scraped, might head to the beach.


  1. Hope the wait doesn't go on for too much longer - or that Punta at least doesn't run out of beer! Lovely day here also, been in poly tunnel (very hot) and potting up lots of tiny hebe plants - they strike pretty easily from cuttings, and most survived the winter OK. The thumb looks good, healing very well you must have good blood!

  2. I spoke to your brother Sam. He arrived in Vietnam today and will be spending two weeks in Ho Chi Minh before moving out to the rig. He says that the food and drink are really cheap so he must be in heaven!

  3. What an exciting adventure, Benco. I can truthfully state I would NOT want to be there for any length of time, maybe five minutes. How do you get involved in such activities? You are an adventurous soul.

  4. Thanks everyone, I saw an advert for this work in our local paper Gwenlyn and thought I'd have a stab at it, didn't think I'd get the job but there we go.